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Three Independent Professionals are Better Than Just One!

When you buy or sell a home with Realty Guard, you are represented by any Realtor you choose (from any brokerage), and at NO ADDITIONAL COST, you would also benefit from the services of your own real estate attorney and an MBA-educated marketing expert!*

Realty Guard

Realty Guard was super helpful when my husband and I built our new home. They worked closely with the builder to ensure everything was done right, and we couldn’t be more pleased with how well they represented us.

Mandy A. - Austin, TX

We used Realty Guard to buy and sell our last two houses, and they were amazing. The marketing materials looked amazing, and when I bought my current home, they made sure I had everything I needed and it went very smoothly.

Connie T. - Georgetown, TX

We sold two homes and bought our current one with Realty Guard. Our agent was very professional and communicated well with us. The photographer he used was great, and the marketing materials were by far the nicest in our neighborhood.

Karen P. - Houston, TX

The Added Value of Using a Real Estate Attorney!

(in addition to your own full-service Realtor)

When you buy or sell a home, you want an attorney to protect your interests. Attorneys work for YOU, and are not motivated to just get a deal closed. They can answer legal questions, review the deed, make objections to a title commitment, and more.

All Realty Guard clients are represented by their own real estate attorney – and WE PAY THIS EXPENSE FOR YOU!* You will still be represented by the Realtor of your choice, but the attorney will provide additional protection and legal services that a Realtor cannot.

*Legal services are limited to a scope specified in the attorney-client agreement provided by the attorney. For more information, contact Realty Guard at 855-822-7469.

How a Marketing Pro Can Help

When selling a home with Realty Guard, you and your agent get the added support from a professional marketing team to help set your home apart from the competition! We make sure you have custom-designed brochures by experienced graphic designers, access to the latest technology, effective social media campaigns to get the most exposure for your home, and more!

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