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Setting Your Home Apart from the Competition!

A professional marketing consultant works with each seller and/or seller’s agent to create a custom marketing plan to get the home sold fast, and at the highest price. We cover things like graphic design for the flyer, proofreading/editing verbiage for the property descriptions, social media blasts, and more!

The Added Value of Using a Real Estate Attorney!*

When you buy or sell a home, you want an attorney to protect your interests. Attorneys work for YOU, and are not compensated or motivated on just getting a deal closed. They can answer legal questions, review the chain of title, and much more.

All Realty Guard clients are represented by their own real estate attorney – and WE PAY THIS EXPENSE FOR YOU!* You will still be represented by the Realtor of your choice, but the attorney will provide additional protection and legal services that a Realtor cannot.

*Legal services are limited to a scope specified in the attorney-client agreement provided by the attorney. For more information, contact Realty Guard at 855-822-7469.

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