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Join the fight against childhood cancer by using a Realtor in the CARE Network and they will donate part of their commission to help kids battling cancer.*

“Three weeks after listing our home for sale our air conditioner went out. Realty Guard replaced the entire unit for us and saved us over $6,000!”

“After putting an offer in on a home, we learned there were major issues with the foundation. We decided to back out of the contract and Realty Guard covered all the costs we incurred up to that point.”

“We hired a real estate attorney to make objections to our title commitment and Realty Guard reimbursed us the attorney fee.”

About The CARE Network

Realty Guard was created by a team of experienced real estate agents and attorneys. Our only objective is to help home buyers and sellers SAVE MONEY and to protect the largest investment of their life during the real estate transaction.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO OUR CLIENTS because our fees are paid by the real estate agent, not the home buyer or seller! It’s similar to a remodeling company that is bonded and insured. The contractor pays those fees so you (the homeowner) gets that added value and protection. Would you hire someone to remodel your kitchen if they weren’t insured? Wouldn’t you want a similar protection and value when buying or selling a home? With Realty Guard, now you can!

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Examples of What We Cover

We Cover Expenses of Cancelling a Contract

If for whatever reason you choose to back out of a contract prior to closing, we’ll cover all your out-of pocket expenses. This includes any money for inspections, earnest money, and more!

Your Own Real Estate Attorney

Real estate contracts can sometimes contain a lot of legalese. This can be not only confusing, but can also increase your liabilty in the transaction. If at any point during the transaction your could benefit from the help of a real estate attorney, just hire one. We’ll pay the fee!

Home Repair Expenses During the Transaction

We cover any repair costs for your home while it’s listed for sale. This includes everything from appliances to plumbing issues. We not only cover repair costs, but if something needs to be replaced, we’ll cover that as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there really no cost to me to use Realty Guard?

There is absolutely no cost to home buyers or sellers to use our services. Real estate agents are the ones who pay our fees as a way to be more competitive and earn your business. There are probably 100s of great agents for you to choose from, so why not choose one that provides the most value to you?

Can I work with any agent I choose?

Yes and no! Any real estate agent can use our services, but that’s not to say it’s guaranteed they will. We work with top agents throughout the United States and would be happy to refer you to some that we think would offer you the best representation! 

Do you have a list of “in-network” Realtors?

Yes. One of the most valuable benefits of using Realty Gaurd is that we can recommend agents who we know will do a great job for you. We even provide a satisfaction guarantee that if you don’t have a great experience with an agent we refer, you can keep 100% of our income from your transaction!

Where does Realty Guard get the money to reimburse us for claims?

We don’t use the word claims, because we’re not an insurance company. We simply take note of all expenses incurred and reimburse you for them at the close of the transaction. The guarnateed reimbursement amount is capped at 100% of the income we receive from your transaction. However, we put up to 25% of all income we earn in an account that we can use for expenses that surpass this guaranteed amount.

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